Tuesday, May 7, 2013

As Seen on TV!

Unfortunately, I am a fan of As Seen on TV merchandise because believe it or not it can sometimes be a great product! I have a few in my home one being this great item: Swivel Store. Now this item is meant to be a spice rack, but when I saw it at Bed Bath and Beyond a thought occurred to me. I have been wanting a storage solution to my nail polish collection since I have been just dumping them in a basket I had. They were harder to reach and see what color was what plus the basket was taking up a lot of space. Once I saw this a light bulb lit above my head. Ah ha!! I quickly went to the beauty section of my local Bed Bath and Beyond, took an Essie bottle over to the Swivel Store: VIOLA! Perfect fit. I had just found my solution to my nail polish storage issue. The best part is the way the shelves slide out to make it even easier to see your polishes (pictured below). Naturally, being as anal as I am I stored all my polish by colors and at the same time I did some spring cleaning to make room for newer, future colors! The shelves store very nicely as well not taking up any room, very slim. It's the best As Seen on TV item I have ever had! So ladies, here is your solution if you have a polish storage issue like me. You can find this item at Bed Bath and Beyond, Ross and Marshalls (perhaps there are more places that sell them)!

Have fun!

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