About Me

Hi there! 
I'm Eryka and welcome to my blog! I'm 25 years old, quirky, silly and the lover of many things thus what this blog is about; things in my world that I love. It's also about the many thoughts I have that I wonder at times if I'm the only one that thiks about it. 

I like a wide variety of everything from one end of the sectrum to the other. Example? I love hardcore of Metallica and also love the music of Justin Timberlake. I love horror books and then lovely, good feeling books. I love video games and I also like to knit. 
I have obsessions too which you will find out as you read on. Some examples of my minor obsessions are make-up, nail polish, coupons, shopping, Disney, the 80s, Sex and the City, food, horror movies and so on. No worries, I'll be talking about all of them. 

As you can see I like a variety of things. What is life without a bit of everything to make everyday a little different than the last. 

So sit back and enjoy my rants, my loves, my joy, even my hates and my everyday little world! 

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