Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone on this lovely Sunday. Here in Florida it is actually a beautiful day. Clear blue skies, sunny but still breezy enough to not make us melt. Today is the day of bunnies, spiral hams, church, eggs, candy, baskets, egg hunts and family reunions.

I personally have never found the point of Easter... maybe only when I was in elementary school because the Easter egg hunts were actually really fun, I remember that. My grandma always had an Easter basket waiting for me at her house that the "Easter Bunny" left for me filled with candies and a white bunny plush. 
However, as you get older Easter just seems to be a waste of time. A waste of money. Easter's true meaning has been lost for years...I don't think Jesus would appreciate being replaced with a cute white bunny. I'm not overly religious but some things should be respected. In the Christian world, Easter has a meaning, it has a story, it has symbolism. If I was a true religious woman I would be offended. We spend so much money on candy, eggs, toys, baskets and who knows what to make Easter great when it should just be all avoided and just have a family reunion and eat. It's another excuse to spend money and expect gifts from other people. 
For example, I am going to a family gathering today involving children. If I show up empty handed it's frowned upon. Ridiculous! Granted this truly more of a "holiday" for children but this isn't Christmas either. Still getting over Christmas! 

Either way Easter cannot be avoided for as long as we are on this planet, so with that I wish everyone a safe and Happy Easter! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Or do they?

I don't really know what Tears for Fears were singing about in their 80s hit "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." I can say that they made a song that I'm assuming many liked in the 80s but it's a song that, to me, brings back a great memory that will always be tied to this one song. Does that happen to a lot of people? Do you have a song or songs that you attach to memories and that no matter how many years later you hear the song again the memory replays like it was happening all over again? I know I do. It could be good or bad, happy or sad. 

Every time I hear this song I go back to high school. I was part of a tight knit group of friends (the only girl too) and we were in our senior year with one junior hanging out with us. I'll never forget one of my friends coming over to my house with a Greatest Hits CD of the 80s. He said "You're going to love this if you love 80s music!" That Friday night we were getting ready to head out in my old 1990 BMW. I was the only one with a car so everyone cramped in. We started to drive out of the neighborhood with the radio on when my friend reminded me of the Greatest Hits CD; he popped it in the CD player and this was the first song on the track. The song had a mesmerizing affect because everyone stopped talking and started jamming. We rolled the windows down and sang out loud as if we were kids in the 80s. It was like a scene straight out of an 80s movie. 

It's moment stuck in time that makes me feel good no matter how old it is. I heard the song earlier this week , had the flash back and decided to share it with you since I believe music has the music to stir good things. 

I leave you with a link to the song/music video of: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Enjoy :-)

"Tip" of the Week

I love nail polish and I change the color pretty much every week!
So I will be including you in my weekly change of polish colors which by the way is one of my obsessions.
This week I chose this cute, bright pink color from Maybelline. It's from their Color Show collection and the name of the color is: Pink Shock 200. It really is shocking. I don't think the picture does it any justice but it is a perfect spring more so summer color. It is a very bright, fun color. It looks really cute on the toes too! With two coats you'll get the full effect of color. I've had it on for two days and it hasn't chipped yet either; us ladies know that is a definite plus!
I recommend this color for a fun spring/summer bright :-)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

One thing you must know about me right off the bat is this: I'm obsessed with cats and more so my cats!

They are my three caballeros (which means men) and all three have a different personality to love or if you're me obsess over.

O'Malley is my baby. He is the original of the three, the oldest, the leader! He is a fluffy, green eyed, tuxedo cat who seems to be wearing a mask so there is a sense of mystery to him with a spunky personality. He's not that nice but when he gets to know you he is sweet. He does not meow he "purrrrmeows". That's literally what he sounds like. It makes me giggle. He greets me at the door everyday without fail and when I'm late he's looking out the window for me...adorable or what? He is elegant and sleek with the perfect pink kitty nose with very long whiskers. He may be a pain but he knows me and when something is wrong with me he reacts. One afternoon I was upset, crying; he walked up to me, looked at me, meowed as if to say "what's wrong?" And jumped on my lap, lied down and started to purr. I melted. I love when he actually cuddles with me because he is one comfy kitty!

Crush is the skinny cheetah looking kitty. He is exactly that, my little cheetah. I saved him together with my mom on a rainy afternoon. He was stuck in between our fence with no way out. He was so small he fit in ONE of my hands. My dog at the time Lucy found him. She was a basset hound, so she followed the sounds of his little help me meows. The fence is wood and taller than both my mom and I. After trail and error with a broom and scooper I got him out! He adorable. His markings in his fur are symmetrical and unique to any orange cat I've seen PLUS he has freckles!! In his mouth! He was a sweet kitten, very playful. He is agile and always seems like he's stalking prey or hunting. He is one year apart from O'Malley and they grew up together like brothers. Although he has grown distant and a bit particular lately he is still sweet. He loves to snuggle up. Most mornings I find him either next to me or by my feet.

The last one is my little fatty Dexter. Yes like the show...I was obsessed with it at the time. I also found him as a kitten in my backyard. He fell in the pool while running to get a bite to eat of human food we were all offering him. He stuck. He was and continues to be very affectionate. He without fail sleeps on my pillow every night and gives me a "massage" every morning (unfortunately at 6am). He is very skiddish though and literally lives up to the saying scardy cat! He has a sad meow even a sad expression but he's a cutie pie.

Cats may not be as enthusiastic as dogs I will admit that but they are loving. I have a connection with my cats. They are extremely playful which is always fun to witness and proof of that is all these cat videos on YouTube! They warm up my heart because at the end of the day they love me unconditionally without fail or end. The love of a pet should be experienced by everyone. There is nothing like it; it's pure love :-)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog...

The answer is yes!

I'm back. I had a blog in the past so I'm familiar to the world of blogging but that blog is an old delete!

Blogging, journaling, writing, diary keeping all of it, I believe it to be a healthy form of expression. I have been journaling since I was in elementary school. However, I did stop once college hit but I hope this will be my new journal outlet. I always found it therapeutic to write down feelings, memories, events, good and bad times because whether good or bad it is good to be able to reflect on yourself. I remember when I found my old journal from middle how you change. You can see yourself grow, which is always fascinating. I went from writing about cute boys and girlfriend drama to now real life problems like paying the light bill. Our 6th grade English teacher had us keep an in-class journal for our whole school year. At the end of the year she had us gift wrap it and label it with "Do not open until the end of 8th grade!" It was one of the neatest projects I have done at school. I put that journal away in a drawer and unfortunately forgot about it until high school. WOW! It was actually better opening it much later because I was so different at 12 years old than at 17 when I opened it. Even my friends changed. This is a great idea for kids!

Journaling is also good for when you're angry (for us crazy adults). Write things down. Read them over. Read them again. Before sending that angry e-mail or text message or even before you make that angry call. It can display some irrational thoughts produced by anger. It can prioritize what you'd really say over what you WANT to say (on impulse).

If you have ever kept a journal, go back and read it. You'll be surprised at how you have changed. Sometimes I believe we don't think we have changed...oh but we have!

So yes to blogging and journaling and all forms of expressive writing! Welcome to E's Little World :-)