Monday, April 22, 2013


There are sounds that I just love. I'm not talking about music, but everyday sounds that maybe not everyone thinks about or notice but they are there. What are mine?

One sounds I really like is the sound of typing. However, it has to be from a specific keyboard. While I am a Mac user the typing sound I like are from older PC keyboards. Growing up the sound of typing meant you had a job, that you were important. Of course nowadays typing is an everyday occurrence for almost everyone in the world at home or work. There is something about that clicking noise that I've always found soothing.

The next sound I like but have never really heard in real life in camp fire or fire in a fire place. The crackling sound is also soothing and have always found it to be warming... naturally it is of course because it's fire! I've only heard this sound on TV or movies. It has a ambiance of romance although at the same time of horror. I have always wanted to start a camp fire just hear the crackling of the fire and to feel the warmth.

Next are the sound of high heels on any walking surface. I like the clicking sound. Again, for me as a child, that sound meant an adult woman, a powerful woman, a pretty woman, a successful woman. Funny now that I am able to wear heels I don't wear them that often nor do I like the sound when I have them on. 

I also like the sound of creaking wood such as stairs, doors, floor boards, etc. That sound is cool to me. It reminds me of rustic, old and/or something scary... because apparently almost all horror movies have some kind of old, creaking wood somewhere! 

These are my top four sounds that I love. What sounds do you like? Think about it. You hear possibly thousands of sounds a day there must be one that sticks out to you. It could be a bird, cars, the ocean, almost anything. There are probably more sounds I like but can't think of them at the moment because I'm actually sitting down to write about it (that always happens!). Next time you're out and about, listen up! 

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  1. I like the sound of the ocean, in particular, a rough surf crashing on the shore, it is soothing. I like the sound my central a/c makes, it makes me sleepy. I like the sound of my dog, Lennon, snoring, it's cute. I like the sound of an old VW Bug, they have their own unique sound, and it reminds me of good times. I like the sound of a motorcycle ... but not just any motorcycle ... a harley, it's powerful, it says "I'm here".