Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teenage Wasteland

Ah your teenage years, even at 25 they seem very far, way far in the past already. Events have become a blur but some moments have stayed true in my memory bank. The drama of those years are, what I believe, shape us into the adults we eventually become. All the stupid or smart decisions curve our future and our personalities. I can honestly say I don't miss those teenage years too much, but I do remember while being a teenager adults saying how annoying teens are in general or how they have no regard for anything. It felt like being a teenager was being a different species, as if for about 7 years teens are out casted from humanity. Come back when you hit twenty!

I never understood why adults seemed to feel this way until most recently. I went to the movies on Saturday with my boyfriend, which of course like all generations is a hang out haven for pre-teens and teens. We buy our tickets, find our theater and before the movie starts I head to the restroom. Now it is about 7:15pm, most of the time the movies start getting full after 8pm but for some reason there was a long line in the women's restroom! I've also never understood why girls/women need to flock to the bathroom together... Anyway, a group of 5 girls were in front of me, chit chatting, giggling, talking about "officially going out with a guy,"not paying attention, and holding up the line. One of the girls from the group goes to use a stall. Someone else steps out of their stall indicating "I'm done!" so that usually means step right up to whoever is next in line. The remaining 4 girls in front of me continue to stand in line talking, I finally ask if they are waiting in line. First they give me an annoyed look and say "No we're not waiting." Then why are you in line????? The women behind me were also frustrated with the teenage hen group because it is unnecessary to stand in line when you have no intention of using the restroom and holding up the line! What bothered me the most was the attitude. When I went to wash my hands and heading out of the restroom is when the waiting group says "I'm going to wait outside."

Something that is irritating is paying $20 for a movie, a rated R movie that somehow teens get into and ruin. I'm paying to watch a horror movie, for example, to be scared, to have fun, but it's not as fun when you have teenagers laughing at inappropriate moments or yelling across the theater making "jokes" or talking really loud to their friends. Even as a teenager I hated when others acted that way during a movie. I don't remember being that way with my friends, but maybe we were. Maybe it's a phase that everyone has to go through because you can get away with it.

Nothing beats seeing a teenager at the mall or anywhere really carrying a designer purse and expensive phones. Why? Teens don't need these things. I didn't know nor care for designer anything when I was 13 or 17 years old because it didn't matter. Every generation seems to be getting spoiled more than the previous.

Thinking this way makes me feel old or maybe just intolerant because that's the way I feel. I have no patience for this kind of behavior. With new technology comes different generations and different "teenager breeds." We better hold on tight!


  1. Annoying pain in the tush for sure. Especially at the movies, which is why we rarely go anymore.

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